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Lexus CT200h vs Lexus CT200h F-Sport

Lexus CT200h vs Lexus CT200h F Sport

Welcome to Full Throttle Auto Sales blog! Your used car dealership in the Seattle-Tacoma area! We have seen a lot of questions asking about the differences between a Lexus CT200h and a Lexus CT 200h F-Sport, so today we are going to talk about these great Lexus models. Let’s start with the standard features you can expect on both vehicles; the Lexus CT200h is the smallest car in the Lexus lineup, as well as the only Lexus hatchback. The Lexus CT200h is the most fuel-efficient gas-powered Luxury vehicle available, getting a combined 42 mpg! That does not mean it’s slow like a Prius, even though they share the same motor and hybrid drive train. The Lexus CT200h comes with multiple drive modes allowing you to change between Normal, Eco, and Sport. By changing through these modes you will be changing the throttle response, and the feel of the steering. On the inside Lexus uses there NuLuxe artificial leather. NuLuxe artificial leather is half the weight of real leather, and free from VOC’s, making it a better choice for your health, rather than other artificial leather materials!

Additional features that are available for the Non-F Sport are; heated front seats, navigation, sunroof, back-up camera, LED headlights with washers and Dynamic Auto Leveling, and Intuitive Parking Assist. Some newer models could come with Pre-Collision System and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control.

Now comes the part that you all have been waiting for… what’s the difference between the regular Lexus CT200h and the Lexus CT200h F Sport? Well, it starts with the outside looks of course! The F-Sport comes with a black roof, a rear Spoiler, and a more aggressive front bumper with F-Sport mesh pattern Grill. It also has a 17-inch split 5 spoke wheels with a Graphite finish and the F-Sport badging.

So, how does that all play out in the driving experience? Well, the Lexus CT200h has good acceleration for a hybrid, and with being a Lexus it has the quiet interior you would expect. The main difference while driving this vehicle is going to be suspension. You can feel the sportier suspension in the F-Sport, as it handles better when turning, but does translate more of the feel-of-the-road to the driver. So, which one should you buy? If we are talking looks, then the F-Sport is the winner! For daily driving and comfort, then the standard model has a softer suspension. It does not matter which one you choose though, because you will to love it.

The Lexus CT200h comes with a 4 year / 50k bumper to bumper warranty and a 6 year / 70k power train warranty. On top of that, the battery and hybrid system have an 8 year / 100k warranty! You can always buy with confidence knowing you are protected by one of the best warranties in the industry when purchasing a Lexus! I hope you found this Blog to be helpful! For any further questions please contact Full Throttle Auto Sale or come in to our store and be the next to have a 5-star experience at your local 5-star rated used car dealer in Tacoma Wa. Click here to look at our current inventory! Thank you and have an amazing day!

Lexus Reliability and Cost of Ownership

Hello everyone, I am Steve Pinney Jr, the owner of Full Throttle Auto Sales, your used car dealership in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Today we are going to talk about the Lexus Brand reliability, and the cost of ownership.  As the owner of a used car dealership in Seattle-Tacoma area, my main concern is the quality of the vehicles we sell, and the long-term experience for my customers. For many great reasons, nearly 50% of the vehicles we stock are Lexus and Toyota. Lexus is, of course, the luxury version of a Toyota, which gives you all the reliability and low cost of maintenance you would get with a Toyota in a luxury platform.

So, how Reliable is a Lexus? Lexus comes with a factory bumper to bumper warranty of 4 years / 50k miles, and then a powertrain warranty of 6 years / 70k miles! That warranty is one of the very best in the industry, which makes Lexus one of the best used cars to buy. Here at Full Throttle Auto Sales, we specialize in Used Lexus and Used Toyota vehicles that are still under their original factory Bumper to Bumper warranty. We find off-lease vehicles to be the best value in the used car industry. But what about a Lexus outside of warranty? Lexus and Toyota are the only two brands I will buy that no longer have a factory warranty, and here is the reason - We very rarely see any major problems with these brands, and the vehicles are built very well! I believe it’s a car that you can get 300k miles out of! What about the cost of Ownership? Is it going to cost more to own a luxury Brand like Lexus? In most cases a luxury vehicle may cost you more, but there is a huge difference between a Lexus and their competition. Bmw, Mercedes and Audi only offer a 4 year / 50K warranty, that’s were Lexus’ bumper to bumper ends, and their powertrain warranty begins for another 2 years and 20k miles. The cost of ownership is also higher on the European cars, as the parts and labor are both more expensive which can really add up. So, how does that compare to Lexus? Being that Lexus is designed by Toyota, you get the same kind of reliability and low cost of ownership. Lexus will be less expensive to maintain and repair, often needing only regular maintenance such as oil changes and brakes.

In conclusion, here at Full Throttle Auto Sales we strongly believe that Lexus is the #1 brand for reliability and low cost of ownership. That being said, we do still strongly believe in buying a used vehicle under warranty.  But what if the car you’re looking at is close to being out of warranty, or is already out of warranty? Here at Full Throttle Auto Sales we offer a factory type extended warranty that can extend your bumper to bumper warranty up to 8 years and 120k miles for only $2,995! That’s 70K miles of additional bumper to bumper coverage! But why would you buy an extended Warranty on a Lexus? The main reason is to control the repair cost over that period of time. Lexus is a very good brand, the best, as I previously stated. They can have 20+ different computers and countless parts that may eventually fail, such as: alternator, water pump, starter and all your accessories. These small things can really add up, so be sure to ask about the extended warranty options that are available for your car. We hope you found this Blog helpful, and if you have any questions please contact Full Throttle Auto Sales, your local 5-Star Rated used car dealer serving the Seattle-Tacoma area. Thank you and have a great day!


-Steve Pinney Jr


Full Throttle Auto Sales

Tips For Buying a Used Car - Part One

Part One: Finding a Reputable Dealer

Buying a used car can be confusing. There are so many variables to consider. How do you know you’re getting a good deal? Can you trust the dealership? What do you look for during a test drive? 

Full Throttle Auto Sales is going to walk you through how to get the best value for your money, and let you know what you should be looking for when buying a used vehicle.  

First, how do you know that you are buying from a reputable dealership? There are many platforms that can be checked to assure you’re buying from a great dealer you can trust. Do your research before purchasing your new used vehicle by checking user ratings and reviews. Places you can check online include Google, Yelp, Facebook, Cars.com, CarGurus, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Reading reviews can help you know what to expect when you visit a dealership. 

Full Throttle Auto Sales has over 100 five-star reviews and an A rating from the BBB because we care about our customers and want to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Tips For Buying a Used Car - Part Two

Part Two: Vehicle Maintenance

Once you’ve visited a dealership and found a used car you’re interested in purchasing, it’s important to know the history of the vehicle. A great way to do this is by checking the CARFAX report. CARFAX is an independent organization that tracks the reporting of vehicle histories, including information about accidents, recalls, service history, mileage, previous owners, and more. It is a very useful tool for learning about a used vehicle and how it’s been treated.   

Full Throttle Auto Sales is a CARFAX Advantage dealership. Why is this Important? As a CARFAX advantage dealer, every vehicle we offer comes with a CARFAX report. The CARFAX report is an important place to start with any used vehicle.   

Once you have determined that the vehicle has a clean CARFAX, you will next need to look at maintenance performed. Maintenance of your used vehicle is significant as anything that needs to be done can really add up, adding to the overall cost of your vehicle.  

Here at Full Throttle Auto Sales we bring all maintenance up to date if needed, including replacing spark plugs, changing the air filter, changing the oil and oil filter, and replacing brakes and tires. Along with bringing all maintenance up to date, we also repair anything we find when inspecting our vehicles. 

Unperformed maintenance can add hundreds to thousands of dollars in additional expenses, so always ask the dealer to show you what has been done and the current condition of components such as brakes and tires.   

Tips For Buying a Used Car - Part Three

Part Three: Warranty

 you need to look at the warranty that is offered by the dealership.  Why is that important?  A warranty is going to give you the peace of mind that the vehicle you are purchasing has coverage that protects your vehicle in case of break downs. This is a big added value, but not all warranties are created equal. It is important to ask the dealer what is covered by the warranty and also how much is covered. 

At Full Throttle Auto Sales, most of our vehicles come with the manufacturer warranty still intact.  For those cars that aren't covered by the manufacturer warranty, we provide a three month/90-day warranty.

Tips For Buying a Used Car - Part Four

Part Four: The Test Drive

Finally, you will want to take your potential new used car on a test drive. The test drive actually starts when you first see the car. Before entering the vehicle, have the salesperson pop the hood and start the car while you listen for any strange noises during start up: grinding, popping or rattling is not normal, so listen carefully. If the car starts and sounds good, put your hand on the top of the motor and feel that it is running smooth and not rough.  

If everything sounds, looks and feels good, then look around the engine compartment and underneath the motor for any signs of oil or fluid leaks. If the bottom of the motor is covered in oil this could lead to pricey repairs.   
If the engine is clean move on to the tires. Inspect them to make sure they have a safe amount of tread and no unusual wear patterns. The tires should be evenly worn from inside to outside.  

Once satisfied with the engine and tires, have the salesperson rev up the vehicle while you observe the quality of the exhaust. If, when revving, you notice some blue smoke, then the car is burning oil, which could lead to pricey repairs.  

If all has checked out, then you are ready for your test drive. First, start out slow: hit the brakes at slow speeds and listen for any abnormal noises such as clunking or knocking. Put the car in reverse and then back into drive looking for abnormal shifting or clunking of the transmission. Then, turn the vehicle all the way left and right will driving at slow speeds and continue to listen for noises. If all seems well and there are no lights present, such as ABS or Check Engine lights, you are ready for your road test.  

While driving, let go of the steering wheel and see how the car is tracking down the road. If it is pulling constantly to the left or right, the car is in need of an alignment. If you feel a vibration in the steering wheel that increases with speed, you might have a tire balance issue.  

Continue to listen for any abnormal noises while driving. Also, be aware of smells while driving. If you smell burning oil when driving or while the car is sitting at idle, this could be a sign of a valve cover leak or more.  

Also, be sure to ask lots of questions. At Full Throttle Auto Sales, we are here to help! And our maintenance and warranty packages will give you reassurance that you can trust your purchase.

Tips for Buying a Used Car - Part Five

Part Five: Getting a Good Deal

So how do you really know you are getting a good deal with your used car purchase? By putting together all the things we’ve previously discussed, you will be prepared and know you are getting a good value by shopping at a reputable dealership, checking to see that there is good history and maintenance on the vehicle, being comfortable with the warranty, asking lots of questions, and knowing what to look for during the test drive. One last step is to check the price of the vehicle against the Kelley Blue Book price (a reference that lists the typical value of used vehicles). 

At Full Throttle Auto Sales, you can shop with confidence and peace of mind knowing that our vehicles are properly inspected, well maintained and priced great! Our maintenance and warranty packages will give you reassurance that you can trust your purchase. We are here for you with great service and answers to your questions! Come to Full Throttle Auto Sales, your destination for a five-star experience and the best value when buying your next used car.