How Often Do I Need to Get My Oil Changed?

An oil change typically falls between 3,000 –10,000 miles of driving for many cars, but the exact amount of miles varies from vehicle to vehicle, so the best place to check is your car’s owner manual.  If you don’t have it, check for your year, make and model online.  The owner’s manual is a good place to start to get the recommended mileage, but you should also keep track of what is happening in your oil changes, as driving habits and type of oil can also influence how often it needs to be changed. 

When you have your oil changed, talk to the mechanic about how clean the oil was.  If your oil is very dirty every time you get a change, consider having it changed a little sooner and find out how dirty it is with less miles.  If your oil tends to be clean when it’s changed, you may not need to get your oil changed as frequently.  Keep a log of mileage, type of oil and the results of the change, and eventually you will have a good idea of the best timing based on your driving.            

Oil changes are a crucial part of regular maintenance on your vehicle.  Neglecting this can eventually lead to engine failure.  So visit Full Throttle Auto Sales today and schedule your next oil change.


Should I have my car checked before a long trip?

Regular maintenance on your vehicle is always best, but for safety reasons and extra peace of mind, it's always a good idea to get your car a "check-up" before going on a road trip.  Have your mechanic check your car's fluid levels, including oil, coolant, brake fluid, washer fluid, etc.  Your mechanic can also listen to your motor, check the wear and air pressure of your tires, and test the charge on your battery.  Swing by Full Throttle Auto Sales before your next road trip and we'll help make sure your trip is smooth sailing.  

Tip: It's also a good idea to do your own check of your "emergency kit" before a trip.  Do you have jumper cables, a tool kit, water, spare tennis shoes?  It never hurts to be prepared for an emergency when you are away from home.  

My car suddenly won’t start. What’s wrong?

If your car won’t start, there are three things that could typically be wrong: the battery, the alternator or the starter.  


The battery provides power to your car’s starter and electrical systems.  It is charged by the alternator while the car drives.  The battery can lose charge, and parts of the battery can start to corrode over time. 

Indicators that your battery may be bad:  If the car makes a low whining sound when you try to start it, and it fires up with a jump start and continues to run. 

If you think your battery may be dead, jump start your car and take it to your mechanic.  Your mechanic can run a test to determine if your battery has enough charge, or needs to be replaced. 

The alternator is responsible for keeping your car’s battery charged and run electrical systems while the car is operating.   A belt going from the engine to the alternator turns it as the engine runs.  The parts in an alternator can wear out, or an electrical short can cause damage.   

Indicators that your alternator may be bad: lights flicker, display lights on dash act strangely, you smell a burning smell, or the engine dies after a jump start. 

A mechanic can check your alternator and determine if it needs to be replaced.   

The starter initiates rotation that causes your car’s engine to start-up.  Wear down or an electrical short can cause issues with the starter.   

Indicators that your starter may be bad:  you hear a clicking sound when you try to start the engine, the dash lights are on but the car won’t start, and a jump start does nothing. 

Your mechanic can run a test to determine if your battery has enough charge for continued use or needs replaced, and they can also check your alternator and starter to determine if they need to be replaced.  Your mechanic can also do a battery check even when you aren’t experiencing issues as a part of regular maintenance.   

Full Throttle Auto Sales has a full-time mechanic, so come by if you have questions or want to get your battery checked!