Lexus CT200h vs Lexus CT200h F Sport

Welcome to Full Throttle Auto Sales blog! Your used car dealership in the Seattle-Tacoma area! We have seen a lot of questions asking about the differences between a Lexus CT200h and a Lexus CT 200h F-Sport, so today we are going to talk about these great Lexus models. Let’s start with the standard features you can expect on both vehicles; the Lexus CT200h is the smallest car in the Lexus lineup, as well as the only Lexus hatchback. The Lexus CT200h is the most fuel-efficient gas-powered Luxury vehicle available, getting a combined 42 mpg! That does not mean it’s slow like a Prius, even though they share the same motor and hybrid drive train. The Lexus CT200h comes with multiple drive modes allowing you to change between Normal, Eco, and Sport. By changing through these modes you will be changing the throttle response, and the feel of the steering. On the inside Lexus uses there NuLuxe artificial leather. NuLuxe artificial leather is half the weight of real leather, and free from VOC’s, making it a better choice for your health, rather than other artificial leather materials!

Additional features that are available for the Non-F Sport are; heated front seats, navigation, sunroof, back-up camera, LED headlights with washers and Dynamic Auto Leveling, and Intuitive Parking Assist. Some newer models could come with Pre-Collision System and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control.

Now comes the part that you all have been waiting for… what’s the difference between the regular Lexus CT200h and the Lexus CT200h F Sport? Well, it starts with the outside looks of course! The F-Sport comes with a black roof, a rear Spoiler, and a more aggressive front bumper with F-Sport mesh pattern Grill. It also has a 17-inch split 5 spoke wheels with a Graphite finish and the F-Sport badging.

So, how does that all play out in the driving experience? Well, the Lexus CT200h has good acceleration for a hybrid, and with being a Lexus it has the quiet interior you would expect. The main difference while driving this vehicle is going to be suspension. You can feel the sportier suspension in the F-Sport, as it handles better when turning, but does translate more of the feel-of-the-road to the driver. So, which one should you buy? If we are talking looks, then the F-Sport is the winner! For daily driving and comfort, then the standard model has a softer suspension. It does not matter which one you choose though, because you will to love it.

The Lexus CT200h comes with a 4 year / 50k bumper to bumper warranty and a 6 year / 70k power train warranty. On top of that, the battery and hybrid system have an 8 year / 100k warranty! You can always buy with confidence knowing you are protected by one of the best warranties in the industry when purchasing a Lexus! I hope you found this Blog to be helpful! For any further questions please contact Full Throttle Auto Sale or come in to our store and be the next to have a 5-star experience at your local 5-star rated used car dealer in Tacoma Wa. Click here to look at our current inventory! Thank you and have an amazing day!